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(323) 505 9214



For every quilt California Quilt Co sells, we feed a child in India for a month.




Custom Handmade Quilts


We offer a beautiful selection of handmade quilts for sale.


Each of our quilts is custom made in artisanal villages in Jaipur, India, and then shipped to the United Sates. All quilts are hand dyed using wooden blocks, so every quilt has slight discrepancies and differences.


This means every single quilt we deliver is UNIQUE. When you receive your purchase from California Quilt Co., nobody in the world will have another like yours!


No Chemicals


All our quilts are hand dyed using plant based dyes.
No chemical dyes. There are several advantages to using plant based dyes over chemical. 


First, plant based dyes make for great colors! Natural dyes are great for creating a calm, soothing hue for your quilts and will look great in your home!


Second, plant based dyes are completely renewable. Our natural dyes are created from plants that can be harnessed without harming the environment in any way.


Third, they leave minimal environmental impact. Since the dyes come from natural sources, our plant based dyes do not harm the environment. Plant based dyes are biodegradable and their disposal doesn’t cause pollution.


Feed a Child


“One Quilt. One Child. One Life.”


For every quilt we sell, we feed one child in India.

We didn’t set out to end child hunger in India, just to craft the warmest, coziest, and most heart-warming quilts we could and share them with everyone.


For our founder, it was about a return to a childhood of spices, sun, verdant colors, and the sounds of a world of richness and love. His childhood in India. He wanted to encapsulate all the good from the splendor of his youth and share it with the world. So, he set out to find artisans who do one thing- hand-craft quilts- and to bring them to his adopted home, California.

But a self-searching led to a self-realization. That realization was that he could share his heart’s youthful memories with us by inviting us to enjoy the soft touch of his quilts and he could share his heart’s deepest hope’s with us-to turn the tide of child hunger in India.

 And so from a full heart that could finally unite two goals our mission was born:
To learn more about how we get needed resources to charities in India dedicated to the cause of alleviating child hunger please go to Project Abundance our strategic giving partner. Here is their website: 





Handmade Quilts








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