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Home » Hiking » LA’s Best Hikes You’ve Never Heard Of

LA’s Best Hikes You’ve Never Heard Of

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Topanga Canyon Mountains

Topanga Canyon Mountains

There’s no better way to kick off the New Year (and honor those resolutions) than by hitting the trails. Nothing clears your head and detoxes your body better than a heavy dose of fresh oxygen, greenery and a little Cardio. 


Los Angeles is home to some of the best and largest State Parks within any city limits in the United States. California Quilt Co. has compiled this list of little-known gems that we hope will convince you to trade the concert jungle for the real deal!



Rustic Canyon’s Murphy Ranch


Will Rogers State Historic Park


This trail has a little something for everyone, old movies stars, waterfalls, polo ponies, mountain lions– even historic Nazi compounds built by sympathizers in the 1930’s. The perfect trail for adventure seekers, Rustic Creek is not for the faint of heart. According to rangers at Will Rogers State Park, this trail is not maintained  because it is not maintainable! Be prepared to leap across boulders (finally a chance to use your Parkour skills) along a riverbed as you travel deeper into the forest.


For more details on this trail visit:




Rustic Canyon’s Murphy Ranch

Rustic Canyon’s Murphy Ranch



Fish Canyon Narrows

Sierra Pelona Mountains


If you’re looking for solitude, Fish Canyon Narrows is sure to satisfy your craving. This gorgeous hike begins in a desolate valley surrounded by mountains with a lake in the distant view. As the hike progresses, you’ll be driven into a narrow quarry-like canyon. Crystal clear pools of water and large boulders will toughen the course but the challenge is well worth it. The miners who worked this area were so enthusiastic they managed to drag a piano all the way to the narrows! 


For more details on this trail visit:


Fish Canyon Narrows

Fish Canyon Narrows
in the Sierra Pelona Mountains


Hiking, Nature

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