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Home » HAND BLOCK PROCESS » Behind the Block Prints

Behind the Block Prints

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The video shows how woodblock process used to make our quilts. The result is a master piece, no too quilts are identical

Hand Block Printed Quilt

There’s something undeniably intoxicating about a block printed quilt. While gazing at the intricate floral designs, deep colors and whimsically off-center prints we’re whisked away someplace both distant and familiar. The closer we look, the more lost we become in the labyrinth of ancient patterns. Perhaps it is the great history and tradition behind block printing that gives these quilts the feeling of so many past lives.


The closer we look, the more lost we become in the labyrinth of ancient patterns.


Block Printing is an ancient art form which has been practice for centuries in India.  Indian block prints are among some of the most intricate and decorative in the world. This complex craft and passed down generation to generation, giving each family it’s own unique style.


To kick-off the process a design is drawn or printed onto a block made out of holly, sycamore, plane or pear wood. The design is then carved into the block starting with the larger portions of the design and finishing with the most delicate sections. Each color in the design will require a separate block.


Jaipuri Artisan Block

A Jaipuri Artisan prepares a block for printing.

The fabric is then prepared for printing and the vegetable dyes are mixed. The artisan lays the cloth on a flat table and marks the first printing area with a ruler and chalk. The block is then dipped in the dye and pressed firmly onto the cloth. The process is repeated until the artisan fills the cloth.


Once the first impression is complete, the print is allowed time to dry. Once dry, the next color is applied to the second block and the process is repeated. This cycle continues until the print is complete.


After the final design is applied and the colors have been set, the quilt is ready to be assembled. The artisans take two completed “shells”and sew the perimeters together. Once they have been sewn, the shells are stuffed with cotton the final stitching is applied. Last but not least, California Quilt Co. labels are applied and the quilts are ready to be re-homed!


See more photos of the process below!



Cotton Block Printing

Cotton is washed and hang dried before printing.

Jaipuri Artisan

The vegetable dye is mixed.

Jaipuri Artisan

Fabric is prepared for printing.

California Quilt Co. Label

Finished quilts are labeled.



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